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Why a Natural brush & comb will improve the Quality of your Beard

Why a Natural brush & comb will improve the Quality of your Beard

Did you know that not all brushes and combs are created equal? In fact, some of your grooming tools your currently using may be hurting your hair more than you think.  It’s time to get rid of the synthetic materials and start over with natural products that will provide the style you are aiming for with a much more gentle touch.  At Viking Beard Brand, we broke down all of the benefits that using a natural bristle brush and comb made from natural materials have on your beard and hair. Once you look over all of  the differences they can make on your beard and your hair, you will never want to go back to any of the other materials again.  

Why a natural bristle brush? 


A natural bristle brush refers to any brush that uses bristles made from animal hair.  When it comes to natural hair & beard brushes, those bristles most often consist of boar or horse hair.  Now on the opposing side, synthetic brushes use nylon or plastic materials. Also remember that even though they may provide a cheaper option, your hair will often pay the price for these cheaper options.  

While the synthetic brushes may not cause added damage, they do lack the significant health benefits you receive from a natural bristle brush. Most definitely, a natural bristle brush helps bu gently massaging your scalp, this assists in promoting healthy hair growth to your scalp and or beard and face. In addition, this helps to evenly distribute many of the oils from the top of your hair to the ends, providing more protection throughout your hair & fighting off any prior damage that may have occurred, restoring much of your hair’s shine. 

What to look for in a comb? 


Your in luck, there are also many natural options when it comes to choosing a comb for your hair or beard.  A plastic comb that you many be currently using might be getting the basic job done. But, it’s also likely causing a lot of extra static & possibly even some sever breakage to your hair. Styling your locks with a cheap comb can leave you in a much worse state than when you began. You should think about putting your money towards a higher quality comb made from materials like, tortoise shell,  natural horn, or pear wood which offers your hair protection from breakage and unwanted static.  

Even more helpful, choosing a natural pear wood comb helps improve your hair & beard health because the material contains natural oils themselves which work along with your bodies chemistry to promote long lasting health.  Choosing saw cut style combs that have softer rounded edges also gently provides your desired styling function without causing any of the extra snagging and or tearing some people experience. 

What should I use a brush or comb on my hair? 

This is the ultimate question? Which should you use? As a basic rule, wet hair requires a comb, while on the other hand a brush is more useful while styling dry hair. But there is definitely more to it to than that, so we decided to break it down a little further for you.  

When to use a comb?

A comb’s primary function is to de-tangle your hair. You will find that this is the easiest right after you set out of the shower and also when your hair is the most malleable.  Using a comb for de-tangling is the safest option because warm water puts hair in its most vulnerable state while a brush can easily cause breakage to your hair. 

But...... a comb is not only useful for wet hair & also works very well on dry hair. Combs are also one of the most versatile option when it comes to serving all hair types especially when your hair is on the thick side or very curly.  

When should you use a brush? 

You may be asking yourself.... if a comb can be used as a wet or even a dry tool, why invest in a brush at all? Good question?  Even though a brush may only serve as a dry styling tool, it also has an very important function that your comb can not accomplish which is......oil distribution. That's right OIL DISTRIBUTION! This is very important so listen closely! A natural Boar bristle brush uses its boar hair to redistribute natural oils from your body that are concentrated at the scalp to moisturize dry strands & ends.  But if used correctly, a brush is also a useful tool when it comes to promoting hair growth and brushing your hair regularly can leave behind a long lasting effect overall. Remember the brush is an important tool in your beard arsenal.   

What products should I be using on my beard? 


Just remember the wet & dry rule is also good to apply to your facial hair as well, and don't forget to consider the length of your beard hair when choosing which tool to use.....your brush or your comb. 

Now for Shorter Beards  

When it comes the guys with shorter beards, a comb may be ineffective naturally because there isn’t enough hair to work with on your face, this is obvious. The more useful tool in this case is a natural boar bristle beard brush. Just note that boar bristles are amazing at brushing away food, debris or any other dirt that could be lingering in or on your beard. But more importantly, boar bristles work best at distributing beard care products like natural beard oil, which will promote your hair growth, give good shine and eventually allow you to experiment with new and different styles during growth.  

And for Longer beards 

When you do get to when your beard is long enough to style in many different ways combs are the best tool for working in a natural beard balm throughout your beard helping to hold the hair in place and great for styling. If you have longer or a curlier beard, try using a comb with wider teeth as you will find that they work the best. 

Finally, longer beards will often need a trim once in a while to help stay neat and also to help keep their shape. Your comb will come in handy while trimming your beard due to the fact that they give you the control you need to help cut those clear defined lines. 


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