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Best Men's Haircuts Of 2021

Best Men's Haircuts Of 2021

Excellent hair styling is one of the best ways to show your style, personality, and confidence. Following last year's bold tailoring and style pursuit, 2021 offers some of the best masculine haircut looks we have seen in a while. From faint fades and undercuts to medium-length hairstyles and beards, to long men's braids and buns, in this article, we offer the best men's haircuts of 2021 for all lengths and hair types.


How to choose a haircut?

In general, choosing the right hairstyle cut can make a big difference in a person's image and perception. In the eyes of others, a well-dressed man appears to be confident and respectable. After your barber has determined what men's face shape you have, an experienced hairdresser will choose a hairstyle that emphasizes individuality, improves the image, and considers the hair structure. It is very practical in everyday styling. With the help of mousse, you can make your hair light and manageably smooth. Follow the barber's advice while getting a haircut, and you will achieve the perfect cut and look.


Face type

It is natural for a man's hairstyle to match a person's lifestyle and status. For example, very long haircuts are not suitable for bankers, employees of large companies, and for athletes, long quiffs are good. Therefore, men's hairstyles need to be thoroughly thought out. The standard men face shapes are:

  • Oval: Most close to the ideal. Recommended haircut: box, undercut and half-box.

  • Heart-shaped: It is important to generate a volume on the top and shorten at the sides.

  • Square: It is important to smooth the corners, apply "high" hairstyles, and leave the elongated strands on the sides. The faux hawk is highly recommended for curly hair.

  • Round: Avoid quiffs and short men's haircut. Easy mess are recommended.

The main rule is that haircuts must cover their flaws and emphasize their strengths.


The best men's hairstyle of 2021

With so many new men's hairstyles, it's hard to determine the best men's hairstyle in 2021. Following are the trendiest men's haircuts that every man should try. So let's have a look at the best haircuts of 2021 shall we:


French Crop Haircut

french crop haircut

French crops are currently one of the best short haircuts for men. The French crop hairstyle is also known as a crop top, and it provides a timeless style for a good reason. Men's cropped haircut is simple and stylish and can be used with any face shape. Men can choose a cut between side fading and undercutting and combine it with short or long French crops on the top. In addition, the fading pattern on the top of the crop is simple. Use matte products to create crops that look natural and stylish. Men can ask the barber about short hair or long hair according to their style and cut they prefer. Finally, the French crop top cut is one of the haircuts that can be messy, straight, or neat.


What do you need for French crop haircut?

French crops are short haircuts for men and can be styled without much hair to style. Getting the fringe to the correct length can take about 1-2 inches in length, but it does not take long for your hair to grow out to meet this requirement. This style is suitable for most face shapes and hairstyles, just like crew cuts with bangs.

The French crop is very simple, and most men do not need any products. Most mornings, you can get up with the best-textured hairstyles from your bed. Whether you design it neat, move it forward, or move it sideways to make it messy, the cut always looks good.


Wavy Fringe with Fade Haircut

wavy fringe with fade haircut

Men's fringes are cut short on the side and designed so that the top hair hangs on the forehead. Take on the world with your curls. This hairstyle is not only sporty but also elegant and sophisticated. However, if you want to make the gradient thinner, no matter how much you leave the curls on top, this style will attract a lot of attention. The waves on the top add drama and layering to the hair, and the undercut, fading and taper give it a sense of movement and low maintenance. It is the right choice for men in music and other scenes.


What do you need for the wavy fringe with fade?

The main characteristics of Curly mane are its consistency and bulkiness. Also, curly hair's fading enhances the contrast with the upper hair and improves the transparency of the curly hair. From camouflaging the hairline to turning a young college graduate into a professional businessman, this top fade is a versatile hairstyle for men. The basic cut consists of a bustle of fringe that "sits" on the head, finished to blend, or taper the sides and back. More sophisticated versions of this haircut include jagged or curly fringes instead of straight lines, lights, and tram lines.


Crop Top Fade Haircut

Crop Top Haircut

Fading on the top of the crop is one of the best maintenance-free men's hairstyles, and you need little or no product to add texture. It works great for men with all hair types is suitable for all occasions and easy to style.


What do you need for the top crop fade?

To style your hairstyle, you need a product that adds a lot of texture and gives a natural look. Just blow dry hair with medium heat and low speed with fingers to add texture. Apply a small amount of hair mud or wax to the palm of your hand to let it pass through your hair freely. Try to use different fringe directions to emphasize length or produce spikes until you are satisfied.


Curly Long Fringe with Beard Haircut

long curly fringe with beard haircut

The men's fringe is those hairstyles where the sides are cut short and designed so that the top hair dangles across the forehead. With long tops and short sides, this fresh curly hairstyle sits somewhere between the side part and pompadour hairstyles. Without a curly texture, it does not look perfect. Having a beard, along with this type of fringe, makes you more attractive. And remember to always keep your beard neat and tidy by using a beard comb & brush.


What do you need for the curly long fringe with beard?

Curly men do not have to spend a lot of time designing fringe haircuts. To get a more formal or structured look, you need to apply wax or wax and comb your hair forward. Usually, a hairstyle with fringe is not complicated, and your hair can do most of the work for you. It is undoubtedly one of the advantages of this simple yet trendy new look most men love.


Classic Curly Quiff With Mustache

classic curly quiff with mustache haircut

If you like suave retro and soft styles, classic quiff with a moustache can give you a look you want. The quiff is one of the most loved hairstyles by men of all ages. Classic and very suitable for curly hair gentlemen.


What do you need for the classic curly quiff with mustache?

Quiffs are styled by brushing the hair off the face, but things may not be that simple for men with curly hair. The key to perfecting the curly quiff is to experiment with how the hair falls and rearrange the hair's various parts so that the hair is emphasized without excessive curling. Try refraining from blow-drying your natural curls for a great quiff style.



All men find it challenging to uncover the best hairstyle or haircut that suits them. We hope this article has helped you find best Men's haircuts of 2021.


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