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Great Beard Styles And What They Look Like

Great Beard Styles

One of the best parts about having a beard (besides appearing automatically cooler, more put together and more sexy) is the fact that you can change up your style pretty easily. But there’s so many options out there, how’s a guy to choose? 

With some input from our biggest beard lovers, we, here at Viking Beard Brand,have compiled the top five beard styles for you to try as you are growing your beard.


There’s just something so hot about a woman rubbing her hands over a man’s five o’clock shadow. It’s the perfect amount of grit and sultriness. It’s every man’s initial step when growing a beard and preps your loved ones for what your face may look like as you grow out the real deal. In fact in this recent article by fashionbeans they state that recent research suggests "that a study by Northumbria University found women prefer men with stubble". 

The most common complaint about growing out your stubble: it’s itchy and wiry. Good ways to combat that - moisturize regularly. A small amount of beard oil and/or beard balm after you step out of the shower can keep your face hair soft and your cheeks kissable. 

The Professional Beard

It’s trimmed, its longer than stubble, it says “I’m committed” and who doesn’t want that when they are considering you for a promotion. The professional beard comes after a month or two of growing your beard out. It’s at the point of fullness, it isn’t patchy and it you’ve established a strong grooming routine. 

With this beard, investing in a boar’s hair brush is a must. It’s perfect for making sure all of your hairs are going in the same direction. Your brushed beard shows you can about your appearance and you can play the long game. This is one of my personal favorites. 

Longline Beard

One of the most flattering styles of beards, the Longline focuses on the mustache, a bit of an extended goatee and chinstrap. There are no real sideburns with this look, rather a gentle fade from beard to hair. 

For this style, you should definitely be connecting with a trusted barber. The actual beard hair won’t need a ton of trimming, but for the fade and lines on your face, you will need a trained hand to keep the shape you desire. 

The Lumberjack

A Canadian and hipster favorite. This is the full, thick, long beard of your dreams. It’s the beard that represents total masculinity and has been worn by some influential people throughout history including Charles Darwin (who grew this mass of facial hair to disguise himself from his fame, but ended up becoming known for this beard!)

With the Lumberjack, you will need a good grooming routine - nobody likes a smelly beard. Regularly washing, gently drying and a combination of a beard oil and boars hair brush will give you the full macho man look you are sure to be known for. 

Simply rocking a ‘stache

I’m calling that the mustache is making a slow but sure comeback in the world of men’s facial hair. You can wear your ‘stache as thick or thin as you like, and you can even have a pseudo beard with a thick layer of stubble surrounding a full mustache. 

To keep your ‘stache styling, invest in a good comb and beard balm. It’s thick enough to give your handlebars some dimension and keep everything in place. 

What style are you going to rock? Tell me below, or you can send us an email at jackie@vikingbeardbrand.ca and get support with picking the right products for your beard!

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