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Our Brand Story

our brand story viking beard brand

From Humble Beginnings

In early 2017 I decided to break free from the chains and finally grow in my beard. Being a man from the corporate world this was considered faux pas. Taking the leap to finally grow your beard out can be scary at first, and at times almost intimidating! There were so many beardsmen with outstanding intimidating beards. But as my beard grew longer, and I grew wiser, I sought out the need for beard grooming products. At last!....this was the key to having one of those powerful intimidating beards! 


And So The Search Went On

The search was long and exhausting, there were so many beard grooming products out there. It was exhausting looking for the best beard oil or beard balm. Some were okay and some were downright terrible. So many beard oil and beard balm products were just over-hyped and under delivered. I was on a mission, I decided to learn everything I could about the beard grooming community. And later that year I decided to launch Viking Beard Brand in true beard fashion, to bring the community what was long lacking for so many years. A premium beard grooming product that every bearded gentleman deserved!


The Launch

So in 2017 I launched Viking Beard Brand after working extensively to source out products that not only I felt were of the highest quality but I needed an all natural beard grooming product that I knew my fellow beardsmen would know and love forever. We needed an organic beard oil and an organic beard balm that we could truly stand behind. We launched our Viking Beard Brand products on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com growing our social media presence immensely that year, growing our Facebook and Instagram platforms very quickly. Quickly our beard oil beard balm and beard kit become a huge success! Soon many of the local beardsmen were proud to say that we had the best beard oil and the best beard balm available. The beardsmen have spoke! 


Our Community

Our customer feedback for Viking Beard Brand beard care has been tremendous, I can't say enough about how amazing our customers are with all the positive feedback that we've received since we launched our Viking Beard Brand business. The online community has been amazing as well and growing every day. The community contribution has been tremendous with great participation and encouragement towards all of our fellow Canadian beardsmen. Today we're happy to have a full line of organic beard oil beard balm and beard comb and beard brushes within our beard grooming lineup. And we are certainly proud to say that we have the best bear oil best beard balm and highest quality beard brush and comb set available on the market today.

So that's it, in 2017 I set out to break free from the shackles and discover my Inner Viking......and I did it, so you can too!...... Come join us, come join the Viking Beard Brand revolution and discover your Inner Viking!