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Should I shave when I'm growing out my beard?

Men Want to Know Should I shave when I'm growing out my beard?


Many guys think once they start growing their beard that it’s time to chuck the razor. 

I’m not sure where this thought came from, but it’s definitely not true. You are going to have to shave even when you have a beard. Maybe not as often, and it probably won’t take as long, but shaping your neck and cheek lines, and just doing a general tune-up can take you from a meh beard to the best beard in less than 15 minutes.

Below are my top three tips for shaving for your best beard


1. Don’t shave too soon - when you first start growing out your beard, you’re going to go through an awkward phase. Much like puberty, it’s uncomfortable. Your face can get itchy, flakey, dry, and there is that weird length you have to grow your way through. You know it’s happening after you’ve passed through the sexy stubble phase and before you enter into I have a full beard phase. 

Accept that this is happening and let it grow. A full 30 days of growth gives you a pretty good picture of your beard thickness, color and texture as well as if your beard is growing in patchy or full. Depending on the fullness of your beard, you’ll determine where you need to shave or if you need to let it continue to grow for a few more weeks before busting out the razor. 

30 days isn’t a hard and fast rule either. I’ve seen some guys grow a solid beard in a week and need to shape it up. Other men take a little bit longer to grow out to their level of fullness, but depending on the style they want that matches with their beard growth, you may need to pick up the razor at 30 days or not until 90 days. Want to learn more about beard styles? Click here.


2. Do not. I repeat, do not shave right up under your chin when growing out your beard. This does not make you look sexy. This just looks like you’re not sure what you’re doing. 

If you’re really nervous the first time, or just want a guide to go off of, go to a barber and get a shape up. All you have to do between visits is maintain the lines the professional has created. 

Should you want to skip the barber and clean things up yourself - be patient, take your time and use a steady hand. Shaving your lines is not a process you want to rush. Slow and steady = sexy stubble. 

Also, shaving after you’ve taken a shower softens up the hair follicles, making shaving easier on the skin and you. 

The main areas you are going to be focusing on cleaning up are any stray hairs on your cheeks and along the sideburn line where your head hair and face hair meet, and then below your Adam’s apple. 


3. Use the right tools for the job. Another thing you should never ever do with your beard: shave with a dull razor. A fresh, sharp blade is going to give you the crispest, cleanest lines. 

If you use disposable razors, change them regularly! If you use a reusable blade, make sure you sharpen it often. Beyond giving a crisp line, a sharp razor helps you from getting ingrown hairs, infected pores and is all around safer. 

Another product you can use to make sure you get the best shave - a high-quality shaving cream and a shaving brush. Why not just squirt your shaving cream out of a can? Well, the benefits of using a brush include: creating a rich lather and using less shaving cream, you soften and lift the hair follicles, and because of the heat generated by moving the brush in a gentle circular motion, you lubricate the skin and open up your pores, leading to an easier, better shave. 

After reading through these three tips, how do you feel about shaving while growing your beard? Drop a comment below and share your tips, tricks, and questions about getting your best beard! 


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