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Movember 2021 - 21 Tips About This Years Movember

History Behind Movember & No Shave November

Movember started as an annual event involving the growing of moustaches throughout the month of November to help raise awareness for men's health issues and more specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The Movember organization States that it's goal is to help change the face of Men's Health.

The No Shave November organization is very similar and that its concept is to with stain from shaving throughout the month of November to help grow where anise for the many cancer patients that lose their hair throughout treatment.

Viking beard brand supports both movements, the Movember movement and the no shave November movement. Here we're going to outline our 21 tips for helping you get through this year's Movember in 2021.


Movember Tip 1

Put the razor away! Quite simply that! We'll begin with this as tip number one because it's the most important tip of them all.

Movember Tip 2

Moustaches are in this year & the Movember movement strictly endorses moustaches so you'll be in full support of November by growing out your brash stash.

Movember Tip 3

Remember to tell people why you're growing out your facial hair. It's important that you're doing this to help support the cause and raise awareness so let other people know.

Movember Tip 4

You can grow out your beard too. Here at Viking beard brand we support moustaches and beards so the No Shave November movement is in full support of beards and so are we.

Movember Tip 5

It's okay to trim. Don't worry about not being able to trim that neckline because you're worried about your appearance when you go to work. Although most guys tend to grow just about everything if you work a white collar job you probably want to keep things trimmed up.

Movember Tip 6

It's not just moustaches and beards you can also grow your chops. Grow some big Bushy chops for this Movember we think would be really cool and just remember to tell everyone why you're growing them out!

Movember Tip 7

Some will say that using products are strictly against the rules but here at Viking beard brand our products are organic and all-natural so a little bit will help you get through this year's Movember.

Movember Tip 8

Try a different style each year......maybe last year you grew out your beard so this year you can try growing out a crazy curly handlebar moustache.

Movember Tip 9

Movember and No Shave November doesn't just have to end at the end of November. You can keep growing out long after Novembers over. Just remember some guys grow for years so maybe this year that's just the start of something really cool.

Movember Tip 10

If you decide not to use any products this Movember you can save the money that you would have used on styling products and use that money to donate to one of the men's cancer causes.

no shave november

Movember Tip 11

Go to the official Movember and No Shave November sites for more information and how you can support the cause.

Movember Tip 12

You can start early if you wish. Up here in Canada the weather starts to get cooler in October so if you want to get a head start go right ahead!

Movember Tip 13

Some guys will grow out their top hair is well. If you wish let it all go!

Movember Tip 14

Remember to post your best Movember and No Shave November pics on Instagram to help support the cause.

Movember Tip 15

Don't forget to #Vikingbeardbrand and #Movember for all your great Movember and No Shave November pics.

Movember Tip 16

Some guys will let their nose hair grow out. We just think that's gross!

Movember Tip 17

Same thing with their private hair. Guys remember this is for charity!

Movember Tip 18

If you're a wimp you can just ride the stubble all month. But we advise against it!


Movember Tip 19

Beard and moustache dye is within the rules. So go ahead if you wish.

Movember Tip 20

You can bleach or colour your moustache if you really want to stand out and help the cause.

Movember Tip 21

And we believe most of all just have fun and spread awareness.


If your interested in finding out more about Movember & No Shave November here are the links to both of there websites


No Shave November

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