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Long, Thick Beards: The How To Guide

Long, Thick Beards: The How To Guide

Longer and thicker is always better right? No, it is not always better. 


At least not when it comes to your beard. How long and thick you want your beard to be comes down to personal preference. I’ve seen plenty of men rocking stubble and other men living the long and thick beard life - both are bearded, both look good (you’re bearded obviously you’re good looking). 

But what if you want to grow a long full beard just for the heck of it. How do you do it? Well, you’re in luck my friend, keep reading to find out! 

How do you get your beard to grow longer? 

Exfoliation is important. Your hair follicles need that little extra scrub to make sure they are clear and free to grow. Using something gentle like a sugar scrub or salt scrub can clear the way for your hair to bust through pesky layers of oil, dirt and grime and grow like weeds. 

You also have to exercise some patience. For some, growing a beard is the easiest thing in the world. Some men just have to think about growing a beard and they do it overnight. For others, growing a beard may take a bit longer. 

Leaving it pretty much alone, combing it in the direction you want it to flow, and showing your beard growth some TLC by applying just enough beard oil will help you to get your beard to your desired length. 

How do you get your beard to grow in thicker? 

You’ve got to start with a good base, which means you’ve got to take care of your skin. Do you cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate? Are you eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and some outside time? All of these things will help both your beard AND skin to be their healthiest. Don’t forget to keep your stress to a minimum. As your beard begins to grow, continuing your healthy skin care routine, while adding in consistent beard cleansing, brushing and beard oil, can support you in growing a thick and luscious beard. 

All that being said, genetics do play a role in beard thickness. No one’s beard is perfect, and some men are more prone to growing facial hair than others, but if you apply the tips above, you’re giving your beard a fighting chance to grow in as thick as possible. 

It should also be noted that the longer you keep your beard, the thicker your hair will grow in. It’s not common to have a thick beard in the first few years of growing out your facial hair. Basically, a thick beard is the long game my friend. You’ve got this. 

What is the perfect length to trim your beard? And how the heck do I do it? 

Do not, I repeat, do not even think about trimming your beard in the first month of growth. I know it’s going to feel itchy. I know it’s going to be uncomfortable and some days you’re just going to want to shape it up, especially if it’s scraggly, but trimming it too soon could mean a lopsided beard. Plus, by not trimming too soon, you allow your beard to grow to its own thickness and   

That being said, once you’ve suffered through the obligatory awkward stages, you should be prepared to shape it up. The only person who can determine the perfect beard length is you my friend. Whether you like it short and full, long and well brushed, 

Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, don’t ever trim your beard without cleaning it, brushing it and combing itfirst. If you skip this key step, the only person you’ll have to blame for your beard’s unevenness is yourself. 

This is going to sound crazy, but use sharp scissors for trimming the length. Around your neck and cheek lines are where you’re going to want to use your clippers. Why scissors for the length? Because most of what you want to cut off is the scraggly bits. You’re going to have more control with scissors, whereas clippers can provide you with a shorter, even length over the entirety of your beard. 

Always take a step back so you can view your beard in its full glory and snip away any stray scraggles. Shave any lingering cheek and neck hairs, and be sure to nourish the heck out of your face. Beard balm or oil is perfect for this. 

So, how long and thick do you like to wear your beard? Tell me below and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about how to grow your best beard! 

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