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How To Stop Beard Dandruff Forever


How To Stop Beard Dandruff Forever

Every man wants to look and feel his best each and every day. Having dandruff of any kind is no fun and can be embarrassing for anyone. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what causes dandruff and also how to properly get rid of dandruff. We hope in this article to break down some of the common misconceptions and causes to give men a better idea on how to deal with and stop this embarrassing problem forever. 

There's nothing worse than heading into work or going to a social function, having a look down at your shirt and noticing a bunch of flakes that have fallen from your beard. How embarrassing this could be for any bearded man especially those who have just recently started to grow their beard. Beard dandruff can be very embarrassing and not fun for any man.

There's nothing that can break a man's confidence worse than getting all dressed up for a night on the town and noticing he has beard dandruff on his shirt. Some men will refer to beard dandruff as "beardruff". So if you hear the term beardruff you'll know that they're just talking about beard dandruff now that you've read this article. You may hear people refer to beard dandruff as beard flake as well whish is the same thing as beardruff.

For the most part beard dandruff is not a complicated or difficult condition to stop or get rid of. The more difficult part for men dealing with beard dandruff is sticking to a healthy grooming routine that is helpful in nourishing your beard. Consistency is key when having a grooming routine for your beard and keeping that consistency will cure most cases of beardruff for good. Most men for the most part just need some small adjustments to their daily regimen to help tackle the common issue of helping to stop beard dandruff. And luckily for you we've got some experience with beard grooming to help you out a little.

A lot of men that are just starting out and growing a beard that have never grown one before aren't exactly sure what to do as far as grooming regimens are concerned. It's okay to accept that you need a little help in this area and there are people out there that are experts in the field that can help. A lot of us have been growing beards for many many years so we've got lots of tips and tricks to help some of you out with your beard concerns.

Ok so below we are going to break down everything you need to know about these beard flakes commonly referred to as beard dandruff and how to stop beard dandruff forever. I will look at some of the common causes of beard dandruff as well as what to avoid to stop the flakes in their tracks and some proper grooming techniques for all the bearded men out there who need a little help.

What Is Beard Dandruff?

Unlike the more common dandruff that you are probably used to that you get from your hair if you've ever had dandruff on your head, beard dandruff is slightly different. Beardruff tends to come off in larger flakes and has more of a yellowish appearance. Sometimes beard dandruff can start to look and feel crusty if you have a tendency to scratch or pick at the flakes. Beard dandruff may even begin to appear to form patches on your face.

Sometimes men with beard dandruff get the feeling that they may not have good hygiene, but don't worry men this is not true so if you feel this way, there's no need to feel bad, it's very common. And no there's no need to shave your beard just because you want to stop beard dandruff. The only time we recommend shaving off your beard is if you have a more serious condition that requires you to shave. We don't consider beard dandruff as one of those conditions and it is something that's controllable.

What Causes Beard Dandruff?

There are several causes of beard dandruff and if you want to help stop beard dandruff it helps to know what it's root cause is first. The most common cause of beard dandruff is Seborrheic Dermatitis. Dandruff on the skin is actually caused by yeast growth on your skin called Malassezia. 

Now we said before that we don't recommend shaving your beard just because you want to stop beard dandruff. But we will mention that having a beard is forming a protective layer around your face preventing some of your normal skin care regimen from getting through. Not that this is the sole cause of your beard dandruff but it could be a contributing factor. All this means is that the bearded guy has to make a few minor adjustments to his daily routine to prevent and stop beard dandruff.

Another cause of beard dandruff is a lesser know issue in men that have a sensitivity to oleic acid. Studies show that there are close to 1.5 billion men worldwide have a sensitivity to oleic acid and this is also a contributing cause for those nasty flakes on your face.

Having a dirty face and a dirty beard certainly doesn't help when you have beard dandruff and can also be a contributing factor when trying to control flakes and dandruff in your beard. It's essential that you keep your beard neat tidy and clean from food and debris so not to cause any additional problems when it comes to beer dandruff.

What Are The Signs Of Beard Dandruff

Like we mentioned earlier in this article some early signs of the nasty beard flakes is a general itching feeling and scratching your face. This usually begins before any of the flaking starts. After a period of itch you may begin to notice some mild yellowish beard flakes on your clothing while at work, in the office or school. This can be very embarrassing for any man especially those that are just starting out on their beard journey. 

Red cheeks and larger yellow flakes may start to form a while after if the condition is not treated right away. Some men may show signs of huge concern and immediately shave off their beard at the earliest signs of beard dandruff. Although shaving your beard will help get rid of those nasty beard flakes it's not the only way to get rid of them. And since we are a men's beard grooming company, we certainly hear from a lot of men that have dealt with beard dandruff and overcame the problem. 

Beard dandruff may go unnoticed for awhile and one day you show up at an important function and the terrible beard flakes show up out of no where. We recommend looking for the early signs of beard dandruff by monitoring the itch. If you experience a beard itch for more than 2 days we recommend taking a closer look at your face an beard for dandruff that may be hiding beneath. 

What Products Help Stop Beard Dandruff

Trying to wash your face with an anti-dandruff shampoo is not the way to get rid of bead dandruff and is probably the first mistake men make. Many of those over the counter dandruff shampoo's are simply way to harsh for your face and contain a whole host of harmful chemicals that aren't good for you in the first place. Those products are designed to be used on your scalp and most certainly not made for use on your face.

The first and maybe the most important step if you want to get rid of beard dandruff and stop it in it's tracks is washing your face with a good quality beard shampoo. You would take this same approach if you had dandruff on your scalp but you should never use the same shampoo on your face.

Beard shampoos are made with a gentler formula that is appropriate to use on your face. These shampoos also are designed to not strip out all of the healthy oils that your beard hair requires to stay healthy and strong. A good quality natural beard shampoo will also help strip away some of the dead skin underneath your beard.

The second product that we recommend when dealing with beard dandruff is a great quality beard oil. A great quality beard oil serves many different functions but in this case it's going to help you trap a lot of that much needed moisture into your beard to help your beard and face stay hydrated. 

You see part of the reason you are getting beard dandruff in the first place when you grow a beard is because when you grow a beard the hair is absorbent. And this hair on your face is sucking out the moisture from your face leaving it dry. This is the reason that adding in a high quality organic all natural beard oil is going to help you tackle this problem. 

A high quality natural beard oil will contain essential oils along with carrier oils that help to nourish your skin, face and beard deep down. This will also help to soften your face to prevent and stop beard dandruff. 

You see the carrier oils in beard oil work by helping deliver the essential oils to the skin. They are made up of the oils that come from the fatty portions of the plant and come in such oils as jojoba oils, coconut oil, vitamin e oil and castor oils just to name a few of them.

Not all of these oils perform the same function on your beard. Coconut oil for instance has anti-fungal properties and anti-bacterial effects. Whereas essential oils are more fragrant and used primarily for scenting a good quality beard oil.

Using a high quality beard oil is essential for stopping beard dandruff in it's tracks. If your sensitive to certain ingredients we recommend buying a beard oil that's all natural, contains no alcohol and nothing that will clog your pores adding to the problem you already have. Regardless if you have beard dandruff or not we always recommend that you stay away from any products that go on your face that contain alcohol or chemicals that could be damaging to your beard.

What Grooming Routines Help Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

For the man suffering with beard dandruff, brushing your beard with a beard brush would be the next recommendation we have. Not only does a bead brush get rid of beard knots and tangles it also helps to exfoliate the skin.

Using a beard brush also helps release the natural oils beneath the skins surface that will help naturally stop beard dandruff in its tracks. A good quality beard brush gently massages the face and skin to help release your skins natural oils that will assist in the fight against beard dandruff and flakes. 

Brushing your beard also help with the blood flow to your skin beneath your beard which increases blood flow to your beard hair follicles. A beard brush also helps to distribute your beard oil evenly throughout your beard while assisting in removing any dirt or crumbs that may be stuck in your beard. Dirt and crumbs are important to remove from your bead because these can also contribute to issues on your face causing irritation.

We recommend using a boar hair beard brush for helping stop beard dandruff because the hairs are the perfect consistency for doing the job just right. You'll want to stay away from synthetic cheap brushes that will only irritate your face and skin beneath your beard. A good quality natural beard brush is going to be one of the best tools in Your Arsenal for keeping your beard neat and tidy and clean to help control and stop beard dandruff and flakes.

Ingredients To Stop Using To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

Parabens are a major cause of beard dandruff and dandruff in general. Stay away from any beard products that contain parabens. Parabens are a synthetic ingredient that is commonly used in products as a preservative. This is why we also recommend natural beard care products.

Sulfates are another chemical you want to avoid. Sulfates are put in beard products to bind all of the ingredients together to prevent separation. If you want to stop beard dandruff and beard flakes, avoid sulfates in your beard products.

Silicone is another nasty ingredient. We've seen it used in beard shampoos. Silicone is something that can clog the pores beneath your beard on your face so stay away from beard washes that contain it.

Sodium Chloride is simply salt but we don't see it as something that helps your skin only an ingredient that dries out your skin and beard so we don't recommend it when choosing a product.

Synthetic Fragrances can cause and contain common allergens so this you'll want to avoid to beat beard dandruff.

Formaldehyde is used as a preservative in beard products and should be avoided at all costs.


Final Steps To Help Stop Beard Dandruff Forever

Keeping anything that touches your face clean is always a good idea when trying to stop bead dandruff. Changing your sheet on a regular basis is always a good idea and another tip we will add in here to help you with your beard dandruff. Your sheets and pillows are one of those places that collector unknowingly and especially if you have dark sheets that are rubbing against your beard every night you may not notice that they're dirty but they actually are. It's a good idea to put the sheets and pillowcases through the wash at minimum once a week to help prevent beard dandruff.

Also remember to change your washcloths and make sure that you’re wiping down your phone. Basically anything that touches your beard and can get it dirty. And not the good kind of dirty. 

This also goes for touching your face with your hands. Those oils on your fingertips can lead to ingrown hairs, pimples and popping either of those can lead to scarring and dry itchy skin which contribute to beardruff. It's easy enough to say to try to minimize touching your face but some men who love to rub their fingers through their beards without first cleaning their hands that are contributing to the cause of beard dandruff. Even if your hands appear to be clean, you've touched so many things throughout the day that most of the dirt is invisible, so wash your hands first please before touching your beard.

For sheets and towels, change them at a minimum weekly. Wipe down your phone a couple times per week, a dirty phone doesn't help when it comes to beard itch - you can try to use those single use alcohol wipes which is an easy cheap solution. And wash your hands regularly because it’s kind and considerate. Basically, you just need to do everything your mama taught you to to help stop beard dandruff permanently.

If you want to stop and cure beard dandruff and beard flakes in their tracks you will follow a lot of the recommendations that we advised here in this article. A lot of the preventative measures for Beard dandruff are met by having good daily hygiene practices, good grooming practices for your beard and using high quality beard products for your beard and face to help prevent and stop beard dandruff in its tracks.

Curing and stopping beard dandruff and beard flakes is not something that's going to happen overnight but if you put in some effort and you take pride in growing a beard you can stop and significantly reduce any beer dandruff and beard flakes before they arise. We hope that you've gained some significant knowledge here and helping prevent beard dandruff and if you want you can check out some of the products on her site beneficial to helping prevent beard dandruff and beard flakes and keeping a great grooming routine for the future.

We hope that this article has helped all the bearded men out there in your quest for stopping beard dandruff and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us directly, we'd be glad to help.


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