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Viking Beard Brand's Dopp Kit Guide

Viking Beard Brand’s Dopp Kit Guide


When it's about organizing your grooming essentials then having a Dopp Kit, most commonly known as a men's toiletry bag is an important thing to have in your bathroom. A good Dopp kit can change your grooming game. It helps you a lot no matter if you are traveling or staying at home.


The people who travel a lot know that you need to keep toiletries separate or otherwise you will arrive at your destination with a jumble of razors, tubes, bottles and raises running riot in your suitcase. The men's Dopp kit or toiletry bag as some call it is a very practical item and is also a style statement. It is meant for containing grooming tools that you can use for transforming yourself from a shuffling, scruffy zombie to a well groomed and bright eyed gentleman.


A great Dopp kit starts from one end of the spectrum of being a sleek bag for the minimalist all the way to a rugged style Dopp kit for the outdoors type man. This means that there is a perfect option of Dopp kit for every guy. There are many choices of amazing and stylish Dopp and toiletry bags in the market, for men.


If you are confused about which one to choose for yourself then here are some amazing options for you! To know more about Dopp kits, make sure to read the article till the end.


The Filson Dopp Kit


This kit is a water-repellent toiletry kit that is made with a spacious and well-organized interior. This travel kit offers an amazing blend of no-frills, efficiency, and wilderness charm. This one is beautifully crafted from durable, tear-resistant ballistic nylon and has a rugged twill bottom and also consists of a bridle leather trim.


Made up of 100% nylon this Dopp kit also carries a handle that's great for hanging up on the back of your bathroom door. It has a top zip closure, possesses an exterior slip pocket and interior pockets also. This is available in two colors, black and brown.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Filson Dopp Kit we've included a link: The Filson Dopp Kit


Matador FlatPak Dopp Kit


Most of the time when you are traveling there is not much space in your bag or carry-n. So during this time, you try your level best to use up all the space without sacrificing your favorite essentials. So in this case Matador FlatPak dopp kit is essential.


Made up of waterproof materials and having a rolltop closure, this Dopp kit makes sure that nothing leaks out of it. It has a flexible fabric design that adapts to the size of your essential items. It approximately weighs 34 grams.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Matador Dopp Kit we've included a link: The Matador Dopp Kit


Topo Designs Dopp kit


This Dopp kit by Topo designs has a unique triangular shape and it allows the kit to sit upright so that you can have easy access to everything that you need. The kit is finely built with nylon and water-resistant pack cloth liners, and this super product holds its own while being very easy to clean.


You might be thinking that how would this little bag hold the essentials, but you need to know that it is very spacious inside and can hold all the things that you need to look good on the road. The material used in making this one is 1000D nylon.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Topo Designs Dopp Kit we've included a link: The Topo Dopp Kit


Tanner goods drifter Dopp kit

Tanner Goods Dopp Kit

This Tanner Goods Dopp kit is made up of a rich combination of ripstop canvas and also from vegetable-tanned Cambara Meridian English bridle leather. This is also secured by the company’s signature lanyard and also has solid brass press-fit rivets. This one has 2 interior pockets also.


The brand is admired for its unflinching commitment to goods that bridge the best of American-made designs for men. All off their dopp kits are made with a sharp and clean style. This is the perfect men's dopp kit bag to carry with you whenever you hit the road for that next business trip or travel adventure.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Tanner Goods Dopp Kit we've included a link: The Tanner Goods Dopp Kit


Orvis Bullhide Dopp Kit

Orvis Bullhide Dopp Kit

This handsome kit is made of rich Bullhide leather. It has a convenient top zipper, a grab handle and also has an easy to clean coated polyester lining.


The brand, Orvis delivers uncompromising quality and toughness through its entire line of men's gear, that actually goes for pieces like the brand’s outdoor-inspired henleys, tough waxed jacked, and amazing pants. You can easily have a matching Bullhide Dopp travel kit with many other products sold from this brand.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Orvis Bullhide Dopp Kit we've included a link: Orvis Bullhide Dopp Kit


Bellroy Dopp kit


If you want to stay groomed and have a great toiletry bag for everyday travel, then this Dopp kit sorts all your essentials into a neat package that slides into your bag. This Dopp kit has a water-resistant lining for easy wipe-down. For organizing your accessories this one has internal mesh pockets and has a toothbrush sleeve with magnetic closure.


You can carry this one easily with its nylon grab loops. It has a three years warranty and the flexible structure of this bag makes it very easy for you to pack your things in it.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Bellroy Bullhide Dopp Kit we've included a link: The Bellroy Dopp Kit


Viking Beard Brand Dopp Kit

Viking Beard Brand Dopp Kit

Viking constructed their dopp kit or toiletry bag to last a lifetime. It's built to last using durable polyester material. Built using a quality zipper, extra stitching to reinforce the bag & waterproof inside to protect from spills & damage.


This Dopp Kit was made with High Grade 600D Polyester which is Durable, Tear Resistant & Lightweight. They've ensured the Highest quality workmanship ensuring your toiletry bag will last for many years.


This Dopp Kit design has a built in strong faux leather hanging hook. Perfect to keep on a towel rack, shower rod or door knob. Sturdy carrying handle is convenient for carrying or hanging up. Ideal for traveling, business trips, the gym or camping.


The Viking Beard Brand Dopp Kit also comes with one main compartment to keep all your stuff organized. Best design for quickly spotting & grabbing your items with very little effort.


To read more & for purchasing options of the Viking Beard Brand Dopp Kit we've included a link: Viking Beard Brand Dopp Kit



Packing your Dopp kit

Packing Your Dopp Kit

It is very important to pack all the necessary items in your Dopp kit. These things include shampoo and conditioner, hair gel, soap, deodorant, a razor, a shaving cream, a shaving brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, moisturizer, sunscreen, and pretty much anything else you really feel like packing in your toiletry bag.


When it comes to packing the perfect Dopp Kit, an amazing travel hack is that you should always keep your Dopp kit loaded with all your toiletry essentials and supplies, even if you are at home and not traveling. This makes for an easy pack up and take away when you do decide to go on a quick vacation.


Some people will decide to have two sets of Dopp Kits in their bathroom, a prepacked travel kit and an everyday set. In this case, you should have two sets of toiletries, one for home and one that's ready to go for your next business trip or travel vacation. By doing this you will save your time and will be able to focus the last minute packing for your travel bag.


If you don't want your shampoo or conditioner leaking in your Dopp kit then you should wrap all the liquid products in small ziplock bags and make sure that these ziplock bags are tightly sealed.


In addition to this, you can also wrap Teflon tape around the container's cap and this can help you to prevent your essential things from leaking. Also make sure to look for a Dopp Kit that has a leak proof liner for that extra added protection when you travel.



The important thing that needs to be discussed is the size of the Dopp kit. And contrary to what some people may say or think, size does matter here guys! But not necessary in the way you may be thinking. In most cases you don't want to choose a very large one.


It is often recommended that if you are traveling then a kit with a capacity of about 1 liter is enough. If you are traveling by air then you need to remember the security regulations regarding liquids and sprays. Smaller kits are usually better because no one wants these kits to take up a larger space. So your Dopp kit should be portable. Also remember to avoid putting unnecessary things in the Dopp kit and only pack your bathroom essentials!

Where Did The Dopp Kit Get It's Name Anyway?

Most people would be surprised to hear that the Dopp Kitt has a long rich history that many people wouldn't believe. The Dopp kit history bagan way back into the early 20th century. It all started with the man named Charles Doppelt. Good ol' Charles was a leather goods manufacturer from Chicago.


Charles created the first Dopp kit and along the way he managed to pick up a contract with the United States Army. The army contracted Charles to provide toiletry “pouches” as they called them back then to the millions of American soldiers serving in World War II.


It turned out to be a big success because the bags were a huge hit with the American soldiers, and sales sky rocketed when the American soldiers arrived home from world war 2 and decided that they just had to have a similar bag for their every day life back home!


Many years later the Doppelt brand was later purchased by the Samsonite Company. But because of the history and original name attached to it, the Dopp kit name ended up sticking around for many years and is still used today.


Many of the Dopp kits today are made of leather, vinyl, or breathable cotton material.  Toiletry bags today serve as one of the best methods for organizing your toiletries, travel supplies and grooming tools. The kits today vs the kits of old will have much more functionality than the original kits designed by Charles.


Dopp kits today have advanced materials, contain lots of storage areas and pockets, they can be made with waterproof materials and custom colors and designs. Charles Doppelt would be so proud today to see what has become of his original men's toiletry bag design. 


And Finally

If you have any questions or things you'd like to know regarding any of the mentioned Dopp Kit's or travel toiletry bags in our guide or just a general question about our own Dopp Kit that we sell on our site you can email us here: info@vikingbeardbrand.ca



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