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The Care and Keeping of Your Beard

The Daily Care Maintenance and Keeping of Your Beard


Growing a beard isn’t for the faint of heart. You probably decided to grow a beard because you thought you would look cool. It would be a thick, sexy beard that people couldn’t help but run their fingers through - your beard would be that irresistible. 

But, you started growing your beard and it’s coming in patchy, brittle and all different colors. What gives? 

Growing a beard isn’t as simple as you thought it would be, but luckily you’re reading this and you have the opportunity to grow your best beard with a few simple tips and tricks you can start today! 

Some of what I’m going to tell you, you’re probably going to roll your eyes at. It’s that simple. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to want to do these things. Even if you think they are ridiculous, if you want the best beard of your life, I highly encourage you to try them! 

Ready to dive in? 


Take a good long look at your diet

What are you eating? Is your diet full of fast food, chips, beer, and the only thing that could possibly be considered a vegetable, is in reality a French Fry? 

That’s the first problem. 

What you eat can really mess with how your beard grows in. If you’re lacking any vitamins and nutrients from your diet, your beard can actually be the first indicator that something is wrong. 

Vitamin A, B, C, and E are all key for a healthy, full, silky beard. Beta Carotene and lean proteins are also key to the shine and strength of your beard hair. How do you get this alphabet soup into your diet? 

Eat your veggies! And fruits and healthy fats. Taking a men’s multi-vitamin can help to fill in any of the places where you’re lacking, but ideally you can get all of the good stuff from your food. 

Think meals like a nice steak, asparagus and a sweet potato, or salmon, carrots and zucchini and wild rice. Even a great omelette full of mushrooms, onions and peppers with a little cheese can be good for your beard and your whole body. 


"I work out"

If you can’t remember the last time you hit the gym or laced up your tennis shoes then that may be part of the reason you have a beard that isn’t awesome. Stress and weight gain can both lead to lack luster beards. 

There’s no magical number for how much exercise you need to make your beard magnificent, but a good rule of thumb is a mix of cardio and weight training, with some stretching thrown in for good measure. Ideally breaking a sweat 4-5 times a week should help to lower your stress levels and help you to grow your best beard. 

Your workouts don’t have to be you logging hours on the treadmill either - getting outside and spending time with your friends playing kickball, soccer or on the rink playing hockey all contribute to the good vibes you need for your best beard. 




Use Good-quality Products

If you’re using a cheap plastic comb, sulfate filled shampoo and nothing on your beard post-shower, then the likelihood that you’re going to have a glorious beard is slim. You’re growing a man beard, you need to use real man products. 

Using a shampoo that’s full of ingredients you can’t pronounce is not ideal for a healthy beard. It’s going to end up drying out the hair follicles and giving you a dull, lifeless look. Opting for a beard that is made with more natural oils and scents is a better bet. 

If your beard is dry - try a beard oil. It’s just enough to add moisture and condition your beard with all natural oils. If your beard is laying limp - beard balm and a boar’s hair brush will help to give you the volume you’re craving. 

Keeping your beard short and trimmed up gives your hair follicles the chance to catch up as you’re eating healthier and incorporating more exercise into your routine. Trimming your beard is one of the easiest ways to keep your facial hair looking sexy and like you’ve actually got the beard you want.

These three areas are where you can improve the look and feel of your beard really quickly. Which one can you start with today? 

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