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The Best Patchy Beard Styles

Patchy Beard Styles – The 13 Best Styles For Patchy Beards


All of us men would like to have a full and thick beard with not even a single hair out of place, but many of us are left with a patchy beard. Some men struggle to somehow grow the hairs they lack while others enjoy a well-grown stylish beard. Growing in a patchy beard is one of the most disappointing feelings that often make men feel frustrated. This is characterized by uneven growth of facial hair, but you need not be ashamed of it or get stressed. Patches in the beard can be due to genetics and physiology.


All men know that growing a full beard takes time after waiting for several months you’ll still note that there are patchy sections in your beard. A lot of men get sick of the long waiting game and think that the beard makes their appearance untidy or messed up. But no need to worry there are numerous ways to make a patchy beard look stylish. As patchy beard styles have gained much popularity with men in the recent years we are observing that men have developed numerous styles while growing a patchy beard that gives a wonderfully unique aesthetic appeal.


In this article, we'll be overviewing some best patchy beard styles and will also discuss the tips and tricks to take good care of your beard and help to compinsate for the patchy areas of your beard with some of our best styles. So lets take a look shall we:

Best Patchy beard styles

Our 1st Patchy Beard Style - The Goatee

The goatee is a good compromise between a full beard and a mustache and this highly stylish patch beard style can be grown in with only a small effort. This style has been the most favorite choice of rock stars, business people, and actors. Goatee refers to any style that features hair above the lip and on the chin only, sometimes connected to make a frame for the mouth. This patchy beard style mostly suites slim, angular faces and round faces. The goatee beard style looks great on a round face and helps to make a round face appear slimmer and more chisseled. The goatee is a patchy beard style that looks great on men with short hair but if worn with long and slightly disheveled hair then it can improve your overall look. Goatees can be styled and shaped in many ways that generally follow the same look but what makes them different from each other is the shape, design, and length of the style.


Our 2nd Patchy Beard Style – The Chinstrap

The chinstrap is for those people who can grow strong defined hairs around the jawline and mustache but are unable to grow hair high on cheeks and on the lower neck. To have this look you need to shave off high parts of your cheek and neck, leaving the beard to grow along the jawline. If there is any hair on your neck then it's a big 'No', so shave it off. The chin strap is a great patchy beard style that adds a masculine touch to a clean-shave face by maintaining a strap of hair along your chin and jawline, making the face angles more prominent. This patchy beard style will make your jaw look more prominent. To reduce the appearance of patches the length of this patchy beard style must be kept short.


Our 3rd Patchy Beard Style – The Vandyke

If you want to look elegant and distinguished, then this one's for you. Undoubtedly it has become one of the most requested fashion trends. This patchy beard style was named after the 17th-century painter, Anthony van Dyke. It typically consists of a mustache and goatee with hair on the cheeks shaved. This style comes in numerous variations such as a curled mustache, faded sideburns, Russian mustache, hipster mustache, and long sideburns. It equally suits short and long hairs. No matter how you wear it, the van dyke beard style is sure to stand out. What makes this style more unique is the fact that both mustache and facial hair on the chin are long and have pointed ends. Many Hollywood superstars such as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio have also worn van dyke beard style.


Our 4th Patchy Beard Style – The Scruffy

The scruffy is the best patchy beard style if you are a busy guy and do not want to deadicate a ton of time to your beards daily maintenance, then this patchy beard style is the perfect option. A scruffy beard is a rough-looking beard around the face that gives a rugged look and it just looks amazing on men who have a rough and tough appearance. This kind of beard will give your face a unique edge. It doesn't need to be trimmed or refined every day and it doesn’t care if it’s not of the same length. Just in case you want to eat easily ten just trim it a bit around the mouth region. This one needs only a little maintenance, occasionally use some beard scissors to chop-off ling sprouting hairs that are extremely out of length. All in all the “scruffy” look is probably the quickest and easiest patchy beard style for those looking for a quick, easy and low maintanence style to impliment right away.


Our 5th Patchy Beard Style – The Rugged Perfection Cheekline Style

Another wonderful choice for men with patchy facial hair is the rugged perfection cheekline style. This patchy beard style was seen on David Beckham's face, the famous soccer star. This style suits the people who have relatively high growth of facial hairs in the cheek region. The hairs descend at shallow angles and do not join the mustache. This style needs regular maintenance such as cleaning up the edges to shape the beard according to its natural growth. This makes your cheekbones more prominent and gives you a masculine look. In this case, you must be efficient enough to create a cheek line that highlights the density, color, and texture of this beard style. It is a bit hard to maintain this one but it adds a lot of structure to your facial appearance. This patchy beard style is perfect to show off your unique appearance and gives men a more unique and distinctive look and feel.


Our 6th Patchy Beard Style – The Clipped Patches

As plants require trimming and cutting after some time, to maintain their shape. The same is the case with styling a patchy beard. This enhances the look of your face and makes your style game stronger. This iconic beard style best suits people who want a low maintenance beard style. This patchy beard style is also worn by Keanu Reeves. He normally shaves the back part of the beard and allows jawline and neck hair to grow thicker. Keep your jawline hair and trim the patchy areas of your beard to show off your distinct facial features.


Our 7th Patchy Beard Style – The Naturally Overgrown Beard

This patchy beard style is all about playing the long game. If you are patient enough to wait for your beard to grow in fully, then you can keep this style. If you can bare with the initial growth phase, after some time you will have a good and decent overgrown look that covers up almost all the patches you have in your beard. It is very crucial to keep every hair stand at an optimal angle and that is why it is recommended for you to use a beard comb or beard brush. It is also advised to use a beard balm or wax for proper growth and styling of your beard. In addition to growth, a really great beard balm helps to hold your beard to the desired style and shape that you desire and give it extra luster.


Our 8th Patchy Beard Style – The Dark Stubble Beard

This patchy beard style has been very popular among men for a long time. This kind of beard style serves several purposes. If you are a professional or an employee who is not allowed to grow a long beard, then shaving your face and growing out some stubble would be the best option for you. Similarly, if you are not able to grow a full beard due to genetic reasons or sensitive skin then this style is the best for you. This one is probably one of the best beard styles for professional meetings and casual dates. If groomed and maintained properly this can be one of the hottest styles of facial hair for men. Trust us your lady friend won't even notice your patchy beard with this style.


Our 9th Patchy Beard Style – The Bristly & Sparing

This patchy beard style is one of the most common types of beard styles nowadays. If maintained and groomed properly, it can provide a foundation to a full beard and is a wonderful example of how a patchy beard can still look good. In this style, you need to clean up the cheek and necklines and trim the hairs to a proper uniform length. Doing this will add symmetry to your facial hair. By doing all this you can manage and maintain good facial hair for a long period and rock some attractive looks until you have a fully grown beard.


Our 10th Patchy Beard Style – The Soft & Light

If your beard grows less and is naturally soft, then you must keep the mustache, neck, and jaws tidy and clean. Use scissors for trimming your beard and try to wash it on a daily basis. Apply beard oil or conditioner daily to maintain the softness of the beard. Comb it with a beard comb or beard brush and use a really good beard balm to keep it in place. This style would suit you better if you trim your beard hair short. By doing this your beard will appear tidy and structured and most certainly less patchy.


Our 11th Patchy Beard Style – The Brett beard

This is a combination of two facial hairstyles, the soul patch and the chin strap. This is a different look but is not popularized all that much. This patchy beard style looks wonderful on men with round faces. The soul patch draws attention to the chin area, hence maintains a good balance. It looks great if kept short, but if maintained well then a long Brett also looks good. In this style make sure that the chin strap does not meet the sideburns and should be maintained at least at the gap of 1cm.


Our 12th Patchy Beard Style – The Mutton Chops Beard

This style is comparatively an old style, some may even consider this style a classic! It's basically a stretched version of sideburns that come down to cheeks and connect with a mustache. The chin area should be kept clean. This beard style would suit you best if your face is more square or rectangular shaped, and is the easiest style for men with a patchy chin.


Our 13th Patchy Beard Style – The Balbo

The balbo beard style is the style that fits almost everyone who wears it. This patchy beard style is without sideburns and a trimmed with a floating mustache. This style is named after the Italian commander Balbo. It is quite similar to a short boxed beard and is defined by a distinct mustache and beard. The beard covers the jaw on either side, with a small soul patch, and the mustache sticks to a simple classic look.

Patchy Beard Style Tip #1 - (Focus on the mustache)

If you are unable to grow a full thick beard, that doesn't mean that you are unable to grow a thick mustache. A well grown moustache rests right in the middle of your face, and a thick and well-cared mustache can add greater volume to your facial hair. Your mustache is a prominent feature of your face and so it will help to distract from the patchiness in and around your cheeks. It is however recommended that if you grow a thick mustache, try to keep the rest of the beard under control. You should simply keep the beard shorter than a mustache. This style will surely enhance your look and make you look cooler!

Patchy Beard Style Tip #2 – (Focus on the sideburns)

At the times of the American civil war, this beard style was very popular and it was called side-whiskers back then. It is a patchy beard style that consists of a clean shaved face with strips of hair on each side and in front of the ears. It's up to you if you keep the strips long or short. This style suits every kind of face shape


A Few more tips for maintaining a patchy beard

By doing some small and simple things you can improve the growth of patchy beard and it will keep you more attractive.



Most of the patchy beard styles recommend a regular trim. This is one of the ways that will help you to minimize the patchy appearance and will promote more growth. Always use scissors and a comb while trimming if not using a good electric beard trimmer.



For all kinds of beard styles, it is necessary to keep the beard clean. This will help to maintain its structure and will add softness and volume to follicles to keep them even shinier and organized. Try to wash your beard regularly, use warm water to wash at least once a day. If you want to shampoo your beard, do it once a week and use a shampoo that does not damage your follicles


Beard oil

To keep hair and scalp healthy, hair oil is important. The same is the case with a beard. Beard oil is a crucial part of the grooming kit for men with a beard. Using beard oil will keep your beard healthy and will keep your beard styled and give a really nice sheen to your beard making appear healthier than it is. Remember never leave home without applying beard oil and your patchy beard will always look amazing!

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