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The Best And Easy Way To Brush And Comb Your Beard The Right Way

Have you been growing your whiskers for quite a while? Need to learn how to groom your beard the right way? A good quality beard brush is a basic facial hair prepping instrument that can assist you with getting the job done right. Online today you will find a huge assortment of various sorts of beard brushes at several of the online shops but here at Viking Beard Brand we've designed just the right brush and comb to get the job done right.

On the off chance that you truly wish to grow a soft well groomed and healthy beard, using the correct beard brush is a necessary piece of your day by day schedule. The specialists at Viking Beard Brand recommend that you should try using our beard hair brush in mix with our all natural beard oil for the best overall result.

Figuring out how to work your beard hair to get just the right look and style that your looking for can be tricky so we're here to help. Here are some significant focuses and tips to help you out:

Wood Vs. Plastic Beard Combs: Plastic beard combs can just destroy your beard. When brushing and dealing with your long facial hair, wooden brushes are viewed as the most ideal decision. The beard brush that you pick can likewise be made out of metal or horn/bone. You should look to choose a product that supports the health and continued healthy growth of your facial hair while avoiding or adding unwanted damage caused by inferior products or materials. Additionally, plastic brushes likewise add to ecological damage to the environment. The plastic brush turned into the essential brush made and used by people all over the world because they were easy to make, cheap and disposable. Be that as it may, plastic brushes and combs aren't the best for your facial hair. They produce friction based electricity as you brush your beard, causing tangles and frizzy beard hair.

wood beard brush and comb


A decent wooden brush can be found from a wide range of wood types. We feel that bamboo or natural pear wood is the most ideal choice for a beard brush. This is why we've chosen to produce our beard brush and comb from all natural pear wood. Wooden brushes circulate the oils all the more equally, hence covering your facial hair from top to bottom, when metal or plastic brushes won't do the job. Wooden brushes can last forever if appropriately taken care of. In the event that you need to clean or wash your brush, just run some warm water over the bristles until everything is cleaned off.

Brushing with a Beard Comb: Start with putting a bit of beard oil through your bead hair. Beginning from the base part, begin brushing upwards. Your beard oil is perfect for detangling your facial hair. Pick a beard brush in accordance with the length and thickness of your hair, and how wavy it is. Among the greatest of benefits of brushing your facial hair is that it will get styled. This won't have any significant bearing to short facial hair, however in the event that you decide to grow it out longer, a longer look is ideal for styling it in different and more stylish ways. And with the use of beard products such as beard oil or beard balm you can style and get the hold your looking for all throughout the day.

A beard brush additionally proves to be useful when you need to prep your whiskers to get cut with scissors. The benefit of a beard hair brush is that it gives you amazing control, allowing you to trim or clip your whiskers more evenly, especially if your beard hair gets twisted.

Take a stab at brushing just a couple of times during the day. But remember an excessive amount of brushing can dry out the skin underneath. In this manner, you should brush the whiskers just when you need a bit of control. Ensure that you bring home our amazing all natural beard oil and your whiskers will look great and thank you for it. And in recent article of GQ magazine they say it's socially acceptable to go ahead and let that beard keep growing. So you may want to do the same!

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