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Having a great beard does require some good genetics, but ideally it comes down to how you take care of your beard and face. Implementing a good maintenance routine can transform a new beard and make you look and feel amazing! It definitely makes all the difference when you really want to show off your beard. So just remember that when you take care of your beard you’re taking pride in yourself and the way you look and the way you feel. Once you get into a regular routine, you’ll more than likely find that your loved ones will love you for it. There’s a whole ton of products out there some good and some not so good and plenty of myths about beard care, so here’s the basic facts about managing your beard.


Hey even I can admit we’ve all made that mistake at least once in our life - you grab any old shampoo that you may have in the shower, lather it into your beard, and you end up with facial frizz and just a mess of a look. Shampoo that is made for your hair is much too harsh for your face and your beard. Most people don't realize but your beard hair is much more wiry than the hair on your head. Also you must note that the skin of your face requires a much more careful approach. Washing your beard with the right type of product that is made specifically for your beard will most definitely reduce beard flake and keep your beard hair softer and more manageable when you begin styling. Most beards only need a deep clean a few times a week even in the harsh Canadian weather. But if you over due it you'll remove necessary oils from your beard that keep your hair healthy. The best tip is to use your beard wash every 2-3 days. If you get dirty at work every day, or have a job that requires you to wash more frequently then wash your beard daily when you get home, and be sure to oil afterwards.

Man with oiled beard


Oil is a must there's no debating this. Oiling your beard keeps it strong and also keeps it hydrated. By oiling your beard your helping to reduce split ends and making it easier to manage on a daily basis. By hydrating your bead hair, you stop them from pulling the natural oils away from your skin. At Viking Beard Brand we recommend that you apply our all natural beard oil daily after washing your beard, and anytime you want that little extra softness or extra shine. But remember.......just like everything else in the world don't overdue it! Use it sparingly at first, until you figure out the right amount for you.

Man combing his beard


Brushing your bead is by far one of the most healthiest things you can do for your beard hands down. When you brush with a boar bristle brush you are taming and shaping the hair, giving your beard a styled look and helping to cover up the spots that appear more bare and patchy. The stiffer bristles on a boar hair brush are great for getting down to the skin and help by removing dandruff, and beard flake. Boar bristles help to pull beard oil and natural oils through the hair strand, giving them a natural shine and softness that you want in a healthy beard. At Viking Beard Brand we recommend brushing your beard at least once every morning for the best results. Also try to get in 10 or 12 minutes of repeated brushing later in the day when your sitting around. This will help to keep your beard super happy and healthy!

Man shaping his beard


Alright the last on the list is shaping your beard. Now you'll want to pay attention to how you present yourself. Beard hairs are coarse and wiry, so there are certain steps that must be taken to help keep them in line! Once you have finished brushing, washing and oiling your beard you are now ready to apply a light coat of beard balm. This will give you the hold that your looking for for styling and well help to lock in the moisture that you got from the oil. If you want extra definition and a more defined look, go for a strong hold balm. The added lanolin from beard balm will help stubborn hairs lay down all day long. Finally, give your beard just one quick final brushing before your off and running and you’re ready to face the day!


Every Canadian man likes to look and feel his best when he goes out for the day or evening. We mostly think of using cologne or fragrance on our body and clothes when we head out but there really isn't much talk about using it on our beards. We are finding more and more men admitting to spraying cologne on their beard especially when they are going out on a date or spending the evening with their sweetheart. Are beard oils and balms are made with a light gentle natural fragrance for a more natural subtle appeal but if your into more dynamic scents that project you may want to spray on a little cologne before you go out...and hey that okay with us!


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