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How To Grow Mutton Chops In 2022



Mutton chops are what 2022 is all about, they are most certainly making a comeback. If you ask us why the mutton chops style is making a comeback in 2022 we would probably contribute it to a lot of bearded men trying to differentiate themselves from the crowd. If you're one of those people that want to look different, sport a different style and stay ahead of the trend then growing mutton chops this year is probably something that you want to consider.

That's right guys we're talking about mutton chops here not that old 5:00 shadow look that was in during 2020 and 2021. We're talking about pure and simple classic mutton chops. We know how popular beards are these days and like we said especially through the pandemic a lot of men were growing their beard out. But now that guys are back to work they're looking to look a little bit different than the other guys that just have a straight up beard. Beards are everywhere and growing mutton chops is a cool way to look different than your coworker at the office who's just got that 5:00 shadow look.

What Are Mutton Chops?

So you're probably asking yourself what the hell are mutton chops? Well guys mutton chops or basically sideburns that are a little longer and instead of trimming them straight down alongside of your face you have to allow them to grow a little bit further out onto your cheek and closer to the edge of your mouth.

This results in two larger sideburns that more closely resemble the chops from mutton which are essentially sheep. Another way to look at mutton shops are they're just beefier version of your standard sideburns. Mutton chops don't really need to be thick and bushy although they can be. Some guys will actually prefer to grow out their mutton chops in a shorter neater fashion.

Other men will decide to grow their mutton chops so they stick out in a bushier fashion. If you've ever seen old pictures of John Lennon or Elvis you'll quickly notice that even way back in the day one chops were in style. I think one of the most famous men that sported mutton chops was Hugh Jackman as the wolverine. This is probably the most famous look but again as Wolverine Hugh Jackman sported the more bushier style of mutton chops and again this might not be for everyone.



How To Grow Bushy Mutton Chops

1. Start by letting your beard grow for 4 to 6 weeks.
2. Next you're going to want to use an electric trimmer.
3. Use the electric trimmer to form and shape your mutton chops into the desired look but be sure not to trim any of the Sideburn portions.
4. You'll want to ensure that you trim your neckline just under your jaw.
5. If you have one you can use a small detail trimmer to really form the shape of the chops.
6. Lastly you'll want to apply some beard oil or beard balm to the sides of your mutton chops to allow them to stay hydrated and also to form the proper shape.

Growing The Friendly Mutton Chops

So what are friendly mutton chops? Well basically you take those regular old mutton chop sideburns and you grow them up and connect them with your mustache. Once you've done that you've got what's called The Friendly mutton chops. We think that the friendly mutton Chop look is going to be a huge hit this year for 2022 and is already showing signs out on the streets. We've seen more people with friendly mutton chops this year than any other mutton chop Style so you may want to consider this beard style for 2022.

How To Grow Friendly Mutton Chop

1. Same as the bushy mutton chops you're going to need to let your beard grow for around 4 to 6 weeks.
2. Once you've got a good half inch to 1 inch of beard growth then you're all set and ready to trim those chops.
3. Next you're going to need your trusty electric beard trimmer to trim away at some of the chin hair just below your bottom lip.
4. Then you'll need to use the trimmer and get rid of some of the hair in your lower neckline just below your jaw.
5. You can use a razor to really get a closer shave for a cleaner cut look and style.
6. As always you're going to want to use a good quality beard oil or a good quality beard balm to keep your mutton chops hydrated and styled perfectly.
7. You can let these mutton chops grow as long as you wish just remember to keep them hydrated with beard oil and styled every morning with a good quality beard balm.



Growing The Neat Mutton Chops

So what is the neat mutton chop style? Well this mutton chop beard style is perfect for any man who want's a more clean cut look for the office or someone who regularly dresses in more white collar attire. You'll want to prevent your mutton shops from getting too bushy. You'll also want to invest in a good pair of fine detailing electric beard trimmers so you can trim and maintain the correct style. Be sure to keep your mutton chops thin down both sides when styling them in order to keep them styled properly. 

Not every man can keep up with the maintenance of the neat mutton chop beard style being that it takes a fair amount of work to keep up this style. We believe that it's worth it though if you want to stand out as a well dressed bearded man.

Do I Suit Mutton Chops?

Growing mutton chops is not an easy decision to make. Having a mutton chop beard is something that requires a bit of boldness on your part. It's a different look for the average man that isn't use to sporting this type of look. If you're not used to facial hair you might want to start with experimenting with different beard shapes and styles first before you dive right into mutton chops. You can't let the mutton chop style scare you. If your scared of how people will perceive you with mutton chops you will never grow this style with confidence.

If you have the confidence to grow your mutton chops you will stay ahead of the crowd and be a trend setter. But like we said before if you want to stay ahead of the crowd and stay ahead of the trends mutton chops will be in style for 2022 as well as 2023 so there's no need to worry about how people will perceive you with this bold beard style. At Viking Beard Brand we believe in individualism as a man and we pride ourselves in standing out from the crowd. Growing mutton chops is the ideal way to stand out from the crowd and be your own individual.

Wearing Mutton Chops In The Office

Since the pandemic a lot of companies have relaxed their policies on facial hair and beards for their employees. We believe that we're in a new day and age where mutton chops are much more accepted in the office then maybe 20 or 30 years ago. Yes you will differentiate yourself from your coworkers by having mutton chops but we don't think that it will have any effect on the office environment specifically your bosses policies around facial hair and beards. As the acceptance in the office changes so should your beard and facial hair choices.

You might want to check with your boss first though that he's okay with you growing mutton chops in the office and that it doesn't break any company policies. Or hell you could just go ahead and grow out those mutton chops and see what the boss says afterwards. I know a lot of men like to grow their beards out during their holidays so we would also advise trying and growing your mutton chops during your holidays.

Growing Mutton Chops Final Comments

We hope that you found a lot of value in our mutton shop growing guide. We gave you a few examples of some different styles of mutton chops and a few photos for reference. If you decide to make the dive into growing mutton chops this year then be sure to look at some of the style trends on the internet. You're sure to see a lot of people in some of the upcoming movies wearing mutton chops that would make good reference for shaping those chops.

Also remember if you're working in the office start with the shorter mutton chop beard style to see if your boss is comfortable with it. You can always grow those mutton chops out later on if your boss is cool. And if you work on the construction site or any other sort of job in that category then hell grow those chops out nice and thick and bushy. And lastly remember it's your face and you are your own individual so if you decide you want to grow mutton chops then by all means do it!

And remember guys....growing mutton chops isn't just about growing a beard. Any man can grow a beard but not every man can grow mutton chops. It's a state of mind, it's a style choice that a man must make and stand behind that style choice. Mutton chops are going to be huge in 2022 so don't sleep on this trend. Be a trend setter!


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