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How To Get Your Beard Ready For The Cold Weather

how to get your beard ready for the cold weather

Most men generally tend to grow in their beards in the colder months starting in the fall and into the winter. The reason for this is because it has several advantages to growing in your beard. Growing a beard in winter and fall not only keeps you warm but also help you fight off all of the harmful cold air and dangerous UV sunlight. It essentially acts as a protector for your face. While you might want to grow in your beard in winter, what you might not realize is that it is much more difficult to care for a beard in throughout this season. Particularity your beard hair can get dry, flaky and even brittle due to low humidity and harsh environment and temperature.

Here’s just a few tips on how you can prepare your beard and care for it during the fall and colder months.

1. Try to avoid the use of hot water on your face

Hot water is one of the biggest enemies for your beard. You can still apply warm water but you'll want to stay away from excessively hot water. Hot water will strip your beard hair and skin of essential nutrients as well as natural oils that your beard requires to grow thick and healthy. Daily use of hot water can cause brittle and dry hair on your face, along with itchy and flaky skin.

2. Use the least amount of shampoo as possible

We totally understand that you would need to keep your beard clean and smelling great even in winter and colder months. But you should definitely try and reduce the amount of harsh shampoo you may be using to wash and clean your beard and face. Use a special beard shampoo that's formulated specifically for beard hair on your beard only twice a week at the most. After that you can rinse it on the in-between days.

3. Moisturize your beard hair and face as much as possible

Using a high quality product like an organic beard oil or a natural beard balm and conditioner can certainly assist you in maintaining the health and vitality your beard needs during the harsher colder months.

4. Brush and comb your beard regularly

Brushing your beard regularly will help keep your facial hair clean. It will also help to distribute your beard oil evenly throughout your beard and will certainly improve the blood flow in that area. You can look for the best Viking Beard Brand beard grooming products on our Canadian website.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, take all of the necessary steps like covering up your beard when you are outside when it's extremely cold. This will help to protect the hair from dust and pollution. Don't forget that you can also try to give your bead a spa once in a while. And remember that every Canadian beardsman deserves to treat themselves once in a while and look and feel their best!

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