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3 Common Mustache Problems and How to Fix Them

What Are The Most Common Mustache Problems and How Can You Fix Them?

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Your ‘stache is like the finishing touch for your beard that adds that extra bit of styling magic. It can be big, it can be little, it can be flashy or understated. It can also bring a ton of problems and frustration for the novice and experienced beard grower alike. 

While eating a balanced diet, washing your beard hair regularly (basically general good grooming) fresh air and exercise can do a lot to help your beard and mustache grow in thick and lusciously, there are some other problems we have noticed bearded men face.

Ready to find the solution for the three most common mustache probs? Keep reading below:



How do I keep my mustache out of my mouth?

If I only had a dollar for every time I have been asked this question. Nobody wants a beard that is full of spit and old food, and it’s not only a matter of keeping your ‘stache trimmed and looking sharp because those corners can get caught as you’re biting into that burger. And that hurts. 

The best tip I can give - style your ‘stache. How do you do that?  Keep your mustache clean - wash it regularly using a good quality beard wash, and then use a balm or wax to move the hairs where they won’t be going into your mouth.  

Another so simple it’s stupid trick: keep a napkin handy, and don’t hesitate to make a pit stop into the restroom to check yourself after a meal. 

For a more permanent solution, use small scissors, a good comb and look in the mirror to trim your mustache regularly. 

Pro tip: it’s better to cut a little less and then you can cut more as needed, but if you happen to cut a little too much, you’re in luck because it will grow back. 



The gap is huge - 

Or maybe your mustache isn’t growing in fast enough. If the rest of your beard seems to be growing in normally and relatively full - that’s a good sign that your mustache will follow suite. You might not want to hear this, but giving your ‘stache some time to fill in is the first step. 

Shaving your mustache off all the way won’t make it grow in thicker. That’s an old wives tale, and you’ll just be starting back from square one all over again. 

What could help you as you’re waiting for your mustache to come together is using a high quality beard brush. The brush works to provide gentle exfoliation so your hairs can come in and it helps to train the hairs. Yes. You read that right, you can actually train your mustache (and beard) hairs to grow whichever direction you want them to grow. 



I have no clue how to trim my ‘stache!

First things first - always trim in a well lit space, with a mirror. If you cut it too short and wonky, and you didn’t look in a mirror, don’t do that again. 

Next get your mustache thoroughly wet, use your comb to make sure all of your hairs are going the same direction. It’s really important that your hairs are all going in the same downward direction. As for other tools you need - it’s a personal preference if you want to use scissors or a beard trimmer. 

The majority of men don’t like their mustache’s to get longer than where it starts to curl into your mouth, or if it hangs down below your upper lip. The ideal spot - just at that top line of the lip. 

With your mustache hair being wet, that’s a good thing because it allows you to trim it where it will lay a bit longer. As your mustache dries, you’ll be able to see whether or not you need to trim more off. 

The other piece of trimming up your mustache is managing the thickness. There’s not hard and fast rule of how thick you should keep your face hair. As you get older, your face hair will probably get thicker. The goal is to simply get everything even. 

Take your time, use good tools, take less off because you can always trim off more and you’ll have a perfectly trimmed ‘stache in no time. 

If you’re sick of dealing with your mustache all together? Check out these style suggestions from beardoholic.com

What’s your biggest mustache struggle? Want personalized recommendations on which products would be best for your ‘stache? Comment below!

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